Sorting and recycling solutions
from design to after-sales service
Sorting and recycling solutions
from design to after-sales service

Our Story



Didier REY started his company RMIS (Rey Machines Industrie Spéciales) in 1988. His aim: to design and produce industrial processes that would sort, prepare and process loose materials.

His very first installations, dating from 1988, were for crop substrates and organic fertilizers, followed by waste with a first sorting centre in  1993, and a first CSR production unit at the beginning of the 2000s. Very quickly Didier REY expanded his range of products and services to industrials and public bodies, among others.

The company is the only designer, manufacturer and integrator in France to offer a full, tailored range of equipment and processes for sorting, preparation and processing, thereby controlling its costs and its value chain.


At the head of the company since 2018, Mathieu REY has followed his father Didier’s logic by investing regularly in new design and production tools. New services are proposed on a regular basis to the customers of REY SOLUTIONS (the company changed its name in  2023).

A contemporary of the overall shift to an increasing respect for the environment, REY SOLUTIONS has resolutely positioned itself as an actor in that movement. It offers its customers industrial solutions for sorting, preparation and processing that enable them to recover and recycle in ways that are increasingly effective and clean. In France, in the overseas territories, and internationally, REY SOLUTIONS is helping to protect natural resources and ways of life.

To date more than 200 industrial solutions have been installed, from unitary pieces of equipment to the most complex processes. All designed, produced, installed and followed up by the after-sales department, by specialists working for REY SOLUTIONS.